Wisley Roses

There are 50 roses on display in the rose garden at Wisley, each one is made up of over 40 individually hand cut, hammered and shaped pieces that I have than welded together to form a rose. Although I work in mild steel, I get the finished sculptures galvanised so there is no problem with rust (the final patina is acid etched then varnished). 

The installation will be at Wisley May- October 2018. I am taking orders for the roses now (deposit of £100 per rose) but collection/delivery won't be until the end of the show. 

Special commissions (you can add birds or bugs to your rose) have to be made completely from scratch and would take approx. 10 weeks from the point of order (so you don't have to wait until October!). 

Wisley Rose Garden (50 Roses) £10,000 

Single Rose £215 

Group of 3 roses £625 

Group of 5 roses £1000 

Add caterpillars for £10 

Add a butterfly for £15- £30 (depends on paint) 

Add a bird of your choice: Prices start at +£150 for a wren (ask for a quote for your favourite bird) 

Delivery is not included in the price, I encourage people to collect from my studio in Shere, or I am happy to meet at Wisley to hand over. If you need the sculpture delivered please ask for a quote.