At the beginning of the year the Events team at RHS Wisley got in touch with me to discuss their summer event: The Grand Bug & Pest Hotel Hunt inspired by Aardman's Lloyd of the Flies characters. 

The event runs Sat 22nd July - 28th August 2023

I was commissioned to make them a big purple woodlouse and 2 sets of butterfly wings (based on Abacus and Cornea Lloyds friends). They also agreed to exhibit several of my sculptures featuring ladybirds, stag beetles and spiders. These are all available to buy/order directly from me. 

RHS Harlow Carr also commisioned a woodlouse sculpture. 


Small Rose

Galvanised Steel

£85 each









Galvanised Steel

£150 each

(also available painted any colour)








Single Flower £225

Flower and Bud £275

Double Flower £325

(Set of all 3 £800)

(also available painted any colour)





Galvanised Steel


(also available painted)








Stag Beetle

Galvanised Steel

£75 each






Toadstool with Beetle (3 designs to choose from)

Galvanised Steel

£375 each








Spider on Rock

Galvanised Steel 








Branch with Spiders Web and Little Bird

Galvanised Steel

£300 each








Bird Feeder Tree with Spiders Web

Galvanised Steel 










If you visit Wisley and get your photo taken infront of these then I'd love to see the photos! #alison.catchlove.sculptures on instagram.






These are unique pieces that belong to Wisley but I can make something similar to order, please get in touch for prices.








This is a unique piece that belongs to Wisley, they had permission from Aardman to commission pieces based on the character "Abacus". 









This one belongs to RHS Harlow Carr.








If you would like to order any of these sculptures then please get in touch. The ones on display will be available after the show (September). Once they have sold I will be making to order with a leed time of approx 10 weeks. 

Postage is not included in the prices.