st.charles borromeo catholic primary school and nursery: Dove

At an Open Studio event that I took part in I met a member of the PTA from St Charles Borromeo who saw my sculptures and workshop portfolio and thought that her school would be interested in working with me.
After several meetings with the Parish Council, PTA and Head it was decided that I would run 3 days of workshops at the school working with all 270 pupils (including the nursery classes) to create a wall sculpture of a flying dove surrounded by a circle of olive leaves. Each leaf would have one of the 22 core values that the school teaches written on it.
  borromeo drawing
borromeo dove maquette     borromeo leaf values
My biggest concern with the project was making the dove elegant rather than quirky so I did a "trial run" and made a complete dove sculpture in metal rather than the usual cardboard maquette.
Work in progress


 Completed Sculpture

st charles dove

"Everyone is so impressed.... it really is absolutely perfect."

                                                                  Rachael (St Charles PTA)